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Zeolite (clinoptilolite) powder helps to remove toxic pollutants from your system.  Heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium, volatile organic compounds and radionuclides are drawn into the structure of each superfine zeolite particle where they are captured and then safely removed from your body, either internally or externally in the case of the mask.

We come in contact with these pollutants in many ways, the most common starts through air pollution where the pollutants drift then end up in the soil, water, in our lungs and on our skin then finally enter our bodies through the food we eat and water we drink and use for washing.

Sydney is the smog capital of Australia.

Sydney is the smog capital of Australia.

Because zeolite powder helps to remove these toxic pollutants, it helps to improve our health in many significant ways.  Many of the health problems associated with heavy metal toxicity and chemical sensitivities are relieved when the heavy metals and VOCs are removed.

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Zeolite powder has shown in many cases to be successful in strengthening the immune system and improving candida, diabetes, psoriasis and gastrointestinal disorders.  Taking zeolite every day also helps to balance your pH, helps with weight loss and clearing long term acne.

We are lucky in Australia to have the purest, most uncontaminated zeolite in the world.  Covered by thick layers of lava and rock for over 300 million years, Australian zeolite has been preserved in a state free from modern day pollution.

Zeo Natural’s range of health and beauty products are made from superfine zeolite powder which is milled and air separated from the purest, most powerful Australian zeolite available and it’s Australian Organic Certified.


Zeolite Products
Help to fight Colds and Flu

Activated Zeolite + Fulvic/Humic Acid Capsules

Zeolite, fulvic acid and humic acid are well known for their ability to help stop the proliferation of viruses and zeolite helps to prevent the growth and proliferation of bacteria. This dynamic mineral blend is now available in capsules to help you through the flu season.



Scientifically Proven
Environment Control System

At the first sign of cold and flu symptoms, put an Environment Control Pad on the bedroom wall to help prevent the spread and proliferation of bacteria and viruses overnight.  Wipe door handles, light switches, tap handles and other places commonly touched with Environment Control Spray to prevent the spreading of cold and flu microbes.These products also help to control staph and pneumonia.

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